Anointed for Ministry....a sweet aroma of praise presented to the King!

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Referral Letters

Here you will find referral letters from pastors, music ministers, events coordinators and radio personnel

"It was our joy to have Myrrh minister on several occasions with us. I found they never came to perform, but to minister; they were always prayed up, anointed and sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. If your congregation is like mine was, you will hear them talking about the ministry of Myrrh long after they are gone and asking when they are coming back."

Gary Blanchard
Assistant Superintendent
Illinois Assemblies of God

"There is absolutely no way we can thank you enough for the time and talent you put forth to make UTAHAlive a success. We loved every song. Many people came to the Lord as a result of your being there."

Ron Shay
National Series Director
John Guest Evangelistic Team

"The music you presented was very well received. Your gifts and talents were well used and God’s people were blessed."

Kevin R. Diaz
Program Director
Promise Keepers

"Your ministry in music was absolutely superb. You set the tone for a special moving of God in our midst."

Joseph M. Stowel
Moody Bible Institute

"I just listened to Myrrh and they are fantastic…we’re definitely going to add them to the rotation."

Tom Fridley
 “The Fish” Radio Network

"When people look back on gospel music there will be a few names that stick out, Myrrh will be at the top of that list. Their music is not only excellent, but they are filled with the anointing of the Spirit. My spirit was touched, as was everyone who heard them."


Rev. Billy Walker
Camp Haiwatha
Eckerman, MI

"I’m especially amazed by the comments from one of our friends who was there. Who is a nice guy, but normally always dislikes “Church stuff”. He was really touched. And is now attending our church."

Pastor Mark Overmyer
Family Bible Church
Portage, IN

"For all who would ask I highly recommend the ministry of Myrrh. Their dedication to God, devotion to his ministry, and determination for excellence will lead all who listen into an improved relationship with God."

Pastor Terry Angles
Faith Bible Church
Greenfield, WI

"It is an honor for me to recommend Myrrh to you. The occasions they have been with us to share ministry have been particularly blessed with a sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. …. prayerfully consider inviting them to be a part of your ministry."

 Pastor Paul Martin
Former Superintendent
Illinois Assemblies of God

"Thank you so much for being with us. Your ministry was greatly appreciated, and I look forward to having you come again."

John Innes
First Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA

"….a very uplifting, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led morning."  

Pastor Paul Hoagland
Madison Christian Church
Groveport, OH

"It was evident from the start of the service that myrrh was there to minister to us through their music, but especially by the message that they had to share. Our young people enjoyed the contemporary Christian music selections, while our older ones related to the favorite hymns. There was something in the program for everyone, especially the message that God is able to heal, not only physically but spiritually and emotionally."


Terry Smith
Minister of Music
Lima Baptist Temple


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