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  Bound For Glory

Classic bluegrass fiddliní at itís best on some of the old-time, country-gospel favorites. Featuring an acoustic Nashville band, along with Buddy Green on Harmonica, Bound For Glory is a joyful celebration of good olí down home Christian fun.

This album was the only instrumental recording to make the "Top Ten" in several Christian radio markets in the western United States.


Songs on this CD/Tape

bulletI'll Fly Away (2:25)
bulletVictory in Jesus/Glory to His Name (2:32)
bulletUnclouded Day (2:32)
bulletPass Me Not (2:47)
bulletWondrous Love (2:48)
bulletSweet By & By (3:00)
bulletWayfarin' Stranger (3:16)
bulletHigher Ground (3:08)
bulletIt's Me, Oh Lord/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (3:30)
bulletOrange Blossom Special (2:47)
bulletPrecious Lord (3:04)
(Vocals by Buddy Greene and Bill Murk)


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