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Project Romania 2005 Updates!

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During our ten days in Romania, we covered over 2200 miles, gave 12 concerts and ministered to countless thousands. The southern portion of Romania boasts a Christian population of less than 0.08% - making it the equivalent of many of the middle eastern countries in the 10/40 window.

Although technically considered a “Christian” nation, the people are under the control and oppression of the Orthodox Church. A sadistic mixture of religion, animism and witchcraftthe Romanian people live in fear of the priests who seem to control all aspects of daily life. For a few coins, a priest will place a death curse on someone, or cause a mysterious illness to occur.

It was into this darkness that God enabled us to bring His life. Many of the places we ministered had never hosted a Christian concert before and in one such village the local missionary had been working for two years and had only baptized four people. The evening we ministered there, God increased that tiny church by over 400%!

We were also the first American’s ever allowed inside Romania’s maximum security prison. We were given two hours and told “Do whatever you want”. Walking into a room of nearly 100 unrestrained convicts was a bit nerve wracking, but we shared our testimony of the accident and with each word we spoke and each song we sang the men’s hardened exterior seemed to melt. By the end of our time there many of the men were weeping and when we gave an invitation over 95% of the men prayed to receive Christ. It was as if a giant floodlight had been switched on, because what, mere moments before, had been a room filled with all kinds of perversion and evil was now filled with the light of Christ.

Of course, no trip to Romania would be complete without ministering to the orphans and Gypsies. Our first Sunday in Romania we went out to a tiny village, up in the mountains, where there was a Gypsy settlement. The local missionary had already picked up a bus load of orphans that morning and together we trekked the several miles up to the plateau where the people were gathered. Throughout the “Service” many of the people were crying and when we concluded nearly 100% of those present gave their lives to Christ.

All in all, we are thrilled to report that over 500 people gave their lives to Christ during our time in Romania - Something that would not have been possible without your support. We are still in the process of cataloging everything that happened and will be placing more stories and updates online as we are able, so check back often!

As you know, we will be ministering in Greece and Israel in February and are already planning our next trip to Romania -  hopefully in May. Each of these mission outreaches costs anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 so please be praying as to how God would use you to help spread our message of hope and healing to the uttermost parts of the earth!

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